The largest difference our clients enjoy most is that our foam is 100% STAIN RESISTANT and super easy to clean compared to others! Our foam is 100% CLOSED cell so it cleans up easily with water and no hard scrubbing. Where our competitors are hard to clean and known to stain.The second biggest difference is that our foam has a much higher heat threshold than our competitors and we are the ONLY company to place a warranty on light amplification which is the leading cause of peeling.

NO. The product will NOT stain. Our flooring cleans extremely easily with a simple brush and water.  Most all of our competitors use an EVA / EVA PE blend foam which is not 100% Closed Cell such as ours.  AWC | AquaTraction foam is 100% PE which makes it 100% Closed Cell and 100% Stain Resistant. For dried on items, we recommend a mild soap if needed.  If you have an accident occur with a tough stain, such as a Sharpie Marker, we recommend Simple Green.  You can always reach out to with any concerns or questions.  We have not found anything to yet stain our product.

Our competitors’ foam is known to peel, a lot, in a short period of time. This is because it is an EVA / EVA PE blend foam that will easily shrink in hot temperatures. The image below illustrates how our 100% PE FOAM tested against competitors. It showcases how AWC | AquaTraction has much higher heat thresholds than our competitors. While peeling can occur with any foam, we stand behind it’s durability with a 5 Year Warranty provided by AquaTraction. AquaTraction also includes Light Amplification in the warranty – the leading cause of Peeling & Shrinking.

best marine foam, no shrink

YES. With confidence in our product, AWC | AquaTraction will cover distorted pads 100% of material cost, 1 time upon installation for 0-1 years. Year 1-2 will be discounted 60% of retail price and year 2-3 will be discounted 25% of retail price. Once light amplification is identified, the customer must work with our team for future resolution. After being reviewed and approved, Warranty pads will be recut and sent directly to the customer. See full warranty terms and conditions for further details. NOTE: Most ALL other competitors do not cover light amplification in their warranties at any level.

YES.  We are confident that you will not experience problems with our foam, however, in the rare event it does occur the AWC team wants to make sure our clients are taken care of the right way. Adhesive warranties cover 100% of material cost for 0-1 years upon installation for specific pads that have adhesive issues. Year 1-2 will be discounted 60% of retail price and year 2-3 will be discounted 25% of retail price. NOTE: Most ALL of our competitors do not cover Adhesive at any level.

The process is extremely simple! Provide your boat make, model and further requested details on our free estimate page. AWC will provide a dialed in estimate based on this criteria via email. When you are ready to start your project, an AWC technician will come to your location to measure your boat. At time of measurement, a 50% deposit is collected. AWC will then cleanup the files, design your template, send client approval drawings and once approved, order your customized product! Payment terms provided to clients via email. We will have your product installed in approximately 3.5 weeks from the day of measurement. We take humble pride in having one of the quickest turnaround times in the industry!

Price is determined based on the quantity of sheet materials used.  We optimize each 40×80 sheet with parts needed for each project. Sheet cost includes all design and fabrication.  AWC provides competitive DEALER & OEM within our industry.  For a complete and accurate quote, please give us a call or complete the contact form so we can guide you through the process. Though our product has higher durability & longevity elements, it still looks and feels the same as most foams.  With that in mind, our price is very parallel to other foams on the market.

Price is determined based on the quantity of sheet materials used. We optimize each 40×80 sheet with parts needed for each project. Sheet cost includes all design and fabrication, and labor is priced separately within your estimate.  For an itemized estimate, please complete the free estimate form so we can guide you through the process. Our product has higher durability & longevity elements, however, we keep competitive pricing!

Five to seven years. Longer if the boat is stored inside.  AWC has captains who have run over 300 charters in one year and their foam is still performing at peak levels from both a durable and cosmetic standpoint. 

YES. We can CNC router or laser engrave logos and text if supplied with vector graphic of logo. If you have a custom pattern you’d like created in the pads, we can work with you on creation as well!

YES. All Water Customs | AquaTraction can be applied over many different types of surfaces including sand finished, textured non-skid, as well as aluminum diamond deck commonly found on airboats. Our propriety glue is exclusively made at 3M for AWC | AquaTraction foam.  It is an 18mm glue that adheres to surfaces that our competitors have consistent problems with.   

YES. Pets (Dogs) enjoy the cushioned feel as it brings comfort to their paws and less “grip” is needed for them. Our product is made of a PE FOAM material so if scratched at enough, the product will tear or rip. However, under normal usage, since the product is a 100% Closed Cell foam, you will not have to worry about the product absorbing anything.

Typically AWC will have your custom floors installed in about 3.5 weeks from the day of measurement. We also have condensed turnaround time for our OEM partnerships. AWC is applauded for having LEADING production and turnaround times in the industry amongst our competitors.

AWC is proud to offer AquaTraction’s 5 Year Warranty!  AquaTraction is the only company that includes Light Amplification within their warranty terms. Please click the below link for details! 

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