Terms & Warranty

Thank you for choosing AWC, AquaTraction as your marine flooring provider. AWC, AquaTraction takes pride in delivering the highest quality product possible.  


By purchasing AWC, AquaTraction product, clients accept the details of both the payment process and warranty and acknowledges the following:

At time of measure a 50% deposit of the total project estimate is paid by the client. If client chooses to not move forward with project when measurement and drafting has been completed, and or started, both measurement and drafting fees will be applied and deducted from the 50% deposit; the remaining portion of the deposit will then be refunded to client and the project will be dismissed by AWC and not completed.

After measurements, it is not typical, but can occur, that the original estimate will increase. Client is aware of that any changes to the original estimate regarding in an increase or decrease in labor or material needed will cause for relevant cost adjustments. Client is aware that the original estimate may also alter due to client adding and or removing areas to cover; or the true measure in general.

Final payment is due when client approves their custom flooring approval drawings. Client is provided an approval drawing to review color, pattern, design and all other cosmetic items for their custom project. Client will provide a signature that approves both fabrication of their custom material, final payment of their project, and acknowledgement and agreement of all AWC terms, conditions and warranty.

It is the responsibility of the boat owner to review and approve all aspects of the decking design. Two minor revisions can be made that do not incur additional charges. A $150 per revision will incur thereafter to client. Additionally, major changes will incur additional $150 drafting charges.  Once the job is approved, any change made, whether it is before or after installation, drafting and re-cut charges will be imposed as relevant.

Anticipated turnaround times are provided to client at time of measure, but are not guaranteed. Traditionally, AWC is accurate with turnaround expectations, although delays can occur, but are not limited to, the following examples: client is late paying deposit or final balance, client is undecided on color or pattern, client requests multiple revisions during drafting, and or, AWC does not have necessary information to execute client’s custom project.

All projects are custom made; once material is approved for fabrication by client, the total project cost is due and is non-refundable. Once material is fabricated it may not be returned or pro-rated. Same remains for completed installations; once paid the client project is closed and non-refundable. Warranty terms for clients available within.

Removal of Existing Flooring

AWC-AquaTraction is not responsible for services to remove existing flooring from client’s boat floor; it is not a service AWC-AquaTraction provides. AWC-AquaTraction at times may refer clients to companies that service this and AWC is not held responsible for said referred companies service, costs, timelines or outcomes of the removal at any level.

Product Care Instructions

How to Care for AquaTraction Product 

WARRANTY – AquaTraction

AWC is proud to offer AquaTraction’s 5 Year Warranty effective August 16, 2023!   AquaTraction is the only company that includes Light Amplification within their warranty terms.

If your project was completed BEFORE August 16, 2023, please email info@allwatercustoms.com for terms and process.  If your project was completed AFTER August 16, 2023, please follow the next steps below. 

When clients are experiencing pad malfunctions they submit their claim request to AquaTraction Corporate by using links below.  AquaTraction sends replacement items directly to clients for self install.  If clients would like replacement pads to be installed by an AWC dealer, clients acknowledge that they will be responsible for labor charges from AWC.  AWC is not responsible for material or labor costs to replace warrantied material. 

Warranty Terms 

Start Your Warranty Claim HERE! 

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